I.E. Lichtigfeld School
Location Hebelstraße 15-19
60318 Frankfurt
Sectors of education Kindergarden, nursery and primery School with secondary and advanced secondary (Gymnasium-G8)
Qualifications University qualification (Abitur)
Language German, bilingual courses English/German, English is offered as a foreign language from nursery school
Other languages Iwrit (modern Hebrew) from nursery school
Company profile I.E. Lichtigfeld-School is the state-accredited privat School of the Jewish Community Frankfurt. ist offers an additional Curriculum in Jewish studies with a Focus on modern Hebrew and Jewish Religion. Kindergarden and nursery School are located on the grounds of Ignatz Bubis Community Centre Frankfurt-Westend; the Primary and secondary School are at the historical Campus Frankfurt-Nordend.
Contact/name/phone/Email Klaus Hartenfeller
T: +49 (0) 69 427289800