Germany has many facets – it is situated at the heart of Europe, which makes it the central link between east and west, but also between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean region. Its ideal location and excellent infrastructure make Germany the central base for economic activity on the entire continent. Germany has nine direct neighbors: Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland creating excellent conditions for conducting pan-European business. Germany enjoys a good reputation among foreign investors. "Made in Germany" is still synonymous with top quality.

  • The most important market in Europe: highest gross national income and largest population
  • Fourth largest national economy by nominal GDP (after the USA, China and Japan)
  • Third largest export nation
  • Its central location ensures optimal accessibility to all European markets 
  • Outstanding infrastructure and excellent traffic connections 
  • Close ties between business and research 
  • Peak rankings in growth markets, such as information and communication technologies, energy technology, environmental protection, automation, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology 
  • Innovative, internationally operating companies
  • Highly qualified workforce thanks to an internationally acknowledged education system
  • Political stability, reliable administration and protection of corporate and private property
  • Legal security
  • Comparative freedom in setting wages and prices
  • Very low inflation rate
  • Open to foreign  investors
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure